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guns don't kill people

staffies do

team dyke
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your socks look like condoms, have you been double baggin?

"mum" tattoos, 0r, 34-year-old friends, 80s lingo, absinth, adventures, ainslie, ainslie's bathroom, ainz, ainz post-beefing pains, arran, artists impressions, back combing, balloch, barf bag, big pants no bra, blocking toilets, brownpants, bryce, brycey pubic licey, castle toward, charcoal encrusted bananas, choochter boys, conference rooms, cracks, crudity, dancing, digital cameras, each others bowels, farting, fighting aliens, flatulance, geo michael, getting your crack out, gill, gill contraceptive pill, gill's big black belt, goldie lookin' chain, hammer time, ichiban, incontinent pals, ital-insania, jane, jc chasez, jeeves the butler, jimmy eat crayons, jimmy eat pancakes, kate, kate masturbate, katie patyershants, katies, lookingoutofplace at hardcoregigs, manse, multipacks, nipple erections, old man pubs, papa sin, papping a turkey, parties, partying, paterson, pelvic thrusting, pennywise lawl, playing jenga by yourself, primula & beetroot sandwiches, pringles, pros and cons, replacing-words-with naw-and-gay, rofl harris, sannies, sarcasm, slagging each other, slagging everyone else, slaggings, spazzy faces, staff toilets, staffies, superhero friends, swing dancing, team dyke avenue, team tent, the beach boys, the rapture, the snail, the vale, toast, toilet humour, trannies, wally, wazzing in public, wazzing ourselves, wham, white-socks with black-shoes&black-trousers, wine